Bacon Butternut Squash Soup

Yesterday the weather here was 68 and sunny. Then it got windy. Then it got a little rainy. Then the sun came back out. Then the winds and rain really came, and our power went out for the first time. While I was in the middle of cooking dinner. I’m talking pork loin raw in the oven, frozen butternut squash soup sitting on the stove. Everything in our house is electric, including the stove. That means panic basically set in for me. What will we eat for dinner? How will I make TJ’s lunch for tomorrow? And then I began kicking myself for talking so much shit about meal prep, because it would have been really handy in this situation. Continue reading


Mémère Soup

photo (4)

Obviously, I do not have a picture for this recipe. Mainly because no picture of how this soup looks will ever make it look edible. It’s green/brownish depending on what vegetables you use and overall not super appetizing looking. But I promise that it is delicious.

So I decided to do a little throwback picture to my mom, sister and I deadlifting in the pouring rain. This picture is probably close to two years old, way back when we first started Crossfit, but I think it’s awesome. And since this soup recipe came from my mom’s mom (my mémère), I thought a family lifting picture was appropriate. Continue reading