Paleo? Gluten Free? Vegan? Crossfit? Who Cares?

I haven’t posted in weeks. I could list about 40 reasons why and apologize, but basically it’s just because I didn’t feel the desire. And I’m not really that sorry about it. I have a lot of other shit going on in my life, and I have just been focusing elsewhere.

The last month or so, for some reason, I have noticed a heightened pressure/discussion/dissection/whatever you want to call it about diets, dieting, gluten-free and paleo. I actually get pretty pissed off seeing numerous “friends” (I am using that term very loosely here and I mean it in the Facebook sense of the word) of mine post an article on Facebook about how gluten-free diets are crap. Maybe unless you have celiac disease, avoiding gluten does nothing for you. Maybe people who claim they have a gluten sensitivity are full of it. Or maybe not. But that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is why the hell these people care about what someone else is or isn’t eating. Continue reading


Paleo and the Grocery Store: Tips, Tricks and Simple Suggestions


This is a post that was requested by someone brand new to paleo who was looking for more advice than just recipes. Once I thought about it, paleo starts way before the kitchen; it starts in the grocery store. This can be tricky for many people. It’s not quite as simple as the “stick to the perimeter of the store” advice I have seen everywhere recently, though I won’t deny it is still great overall advice.
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