Favorite Recipe Round Up


This picture is from buffalo chicken pasta that I made last week. I take absolutely no credit for this recipe whatsoever. I used Juli Baur’s recipe and changed nothing. Actually, that’s a lie. I actually used 1/2 as much mayo as her recipe calls for, I used Frank’s Hot Sauce rather than Tessemae’s and I added bacon on top. But other than that, everything is the exact same. It’s so good, there is no reason to change a THING about it. Continue reading


Buffalo Garlic Brussels Sprouts

photo 2

I love Brussels sprouts. Like, could eat them daily love them. They are definitely something I didn’t learn to appreciate and love until I was well into my mid-twenties, but now that I know how to cook them, we will never stop eating them.

Luckily for me, TJ loves them just as much as I do, so we pretty much DO eat them daily. Luckily for both of us, they are incredibly good for you. Unluckily for both of us, I always made them the same way. As good as that recipe is. it can get kind of boring after a while. Finally, I decided to try out something different. I love Brussels sprouts, but I also love wings and buffalo sauce. Why oh why did I never think to combine those two things? Continue reading

Bacon and Onion Brussel Sprouts

photo (1)So I am, admittedly, not very good at the whole “naming my posts/recipes” yet. I’ll work on that..

When I first started cooking paleo, I was scared/grossed out/intimidated by a lot of recipes. As far as Brussel Sprouts are concerned, I 100% blame my mom. She has always (and no matter how many times I make this for her, still does) hated Brussel Sprouts. She is also to blame for my aversion to fish, which I am still working on, and why I didn’t eat cooked carrots until college. Thanks mom!
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