Creamy Kale Salad

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I have literally so many recipes I want to share right now, I just wish I had the time to write the posts for each one! At least you will have something to look forward to, since I know everyone waits for my posts with baited breath. In case curiosity is killing you, or you just need a reason to check back for recipes, here’s what I have in the works: paleo calzones (with NO bread), staying paleo when traveling (mainly roadtripping), apple and onion pork burgers (which are what is topping the kale salad in the picture above), sundried tomato and pesto stuffed chicken, as well as a few more that I am working on this week.

Last weekend, TJ and I drove up to Connecticut to visit my mom who is living there for 6 months for work. It was really cool to see where she is staying, and we got to camp at a reggae festival at a ski resort. The festival itself was really fun, but we definitely expected more. It was the 42nd year of the festival, and I think the turn out has been much better in the past. We paid extra for VIP tickets, which really just allowed us to camp overnight. We ended up being the only people who camped, but we still had a blast. We floated in a creek, went summer tubing, shopped at the local vendors, drank way too much and listened to some good (and some really bad) reggae music. All in all, it was a blast. I didn’t take too many pictures because I didn’t really keep my phone on me, but here are the pictures that I did take:

photo 3 (8)

That’s my mimosa with my awesome koozie from Life AsRx and the main stage in the background


Those are our tents with the sun coming up behind them. Me and TJ are jammed into the one on the right in this picture.

photo 2 (8)

This was the view of the ski slope behind where we camped. We were definitely expecting more people..

The weekend was a ton of fun, and I got a few good posts out of it. I made a TON of snacks for our road trip, which came in handy because the drive from Maryland to Connecticut is literally the least fun thing ever. All we wanted was to get there, so never stopped. I will add that post later this week. Having snacks prepared is a great way not to cheat when you’re trying to stay healthy. If we hadn’t had a cooler full of healthy but delicious foods, who knows what we would have ended up eating on the road. Plan ahead!

This recipe developed from an old recipe of mine (with a God awful picture) for kale salad that I got from a girlfriend. Where I was once hesitant to eat kale raw, it is now pretty much a staple in our meals. Its quick, easy and really good. I never considered trying different dressings until we took my dad out to brunch for Father’s Day at Fork & Wrench in Baltimore. The restaurant is incredibly cool and the decorations definitely made the overall experience much better. Their menu is constantly changing, and the food is farm to table as much as possible. I really liked that aspect.

photo 2 (9) photo 1 (9)

I got an omelet with cheese, pesto and chorizo (on the left) which was unbelievable. I’m not a huge egg eater, and I rarely order omelets, but I was really glad I did. It came with a huge side of kale salad that looked (and tasted) so good that everyone at the table ended up ordering a side of the salad for themselves. TJ really needed that side salad because his burger (on the right) didn’t come with anything. It could have used a bit more food, but the presentation was nice.  I loved the salad so much that I asked the waitress what was in the dressing so that I could make it again at home. Unfortunately for me, this was a sun choke-based version of a Cesar dressing. Do you know how difficult it is to find a store that carries sun chokes? No? I do. I haven’t tried the most logical place to look – Whole Foods – but that is my last resort. No where else has them and it looks like my only option is to buy them in bulk on Amazon. I really don’t want the dressing that badly.

So what did I do? I made up a dressing instead. It turned out really good and I have made this dressing like 10 times since coming up with this recipe.

photo 2 (4)

Not the best picture, but you can really see the “creaminess” here. Creamy is a gross word. Sorry.

photo 4 (1)

This one was topped with a simple grilled chicken breast. The possibilities for pairing are endless!


Kale. How much is up to you. I usually use about half a bag from the store. I always buy the pre-bagged stuff for the salads, and I save the fresh bunches for when I’m making chips. However, you can use either.

You can add anything you’d like at this point. The last time I made it I added sunflower seeds and diced tomatoes, but the salad is good on its own.

For the dressing:

3 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. red wine vinegar

1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1/2 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. diced garlic. I honestly use more, but that’s your call depending on how much you like garlic

Salt and pepper to taste


Wash and chop your kale. You want it in small strips, which you can see in the pictures above. While the kale is drying, make your dressing. To do this, put all of the ingredients for the dressing in a bowl and whip it with a whisk. I also used an immersion blender once. It was pretty unnecessary, but really whipped the dressing up. Once your dressing is made, add your clean kale to the bowl and stir it up, making sure everything is really well blended. That’s it!

The awesome thing about using kale as lettuce (other than the nutrients kale has) is that it won’t wilt nearly as fast as most other lettuce. I usually mix the salad before working out and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour. I also made a salad before we went camping and let it sit overnight, and it was just as good the next day. Kale has some staying power, which is awesome.



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  3. Megan whipped up this kale salad this weekend to take to the festival. It was so amazing I had her make it again when we grilled Sunday. The best part is, you don’t have to cook it and thus can avoid that smell!

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