Spaghetti Pomodoro

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Have you ever had one of those days where literally nothing goes your way? Today is that day for me. My day started at 5:40 am (WAY early for me) to do a pretty substantial favor for a family member. I agreed to do this favor based solely on the fact that I could get it done early and it wouldn’t interrupt my work day in any way, shape or form.
In the midst of doing this favor, I completely blew out a tire.

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When I went to change the tire with the spare, I discovered I have no spare tire because it isn’t standard on my car. I called Triple A (thank God we have that) and the guy came out to tow my car to Sam’s Club so I could have a new tire put on. When he got there, he informed me that he only had room for 2 people in his truck, so we would have to take (and pay for) a cab for the third person to follow him to Sam’s Club.

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A $10 cab ride 1.23 miles (Thank you Baltimore City cab companies) to Sam’s Club, $114 dollars for one damn tire and we were off to complete my original task – 3 hours behind schedule. By the time I got to where I needed to be, I was literally running on fumes because I needed gas so badly and I wasn’t in a neighborhood one would normally chose to stop at to fill up their gas tank. There are some not-so-great neighborhoods in Baltimore, and I was most certainly in one of them. I did manage to get gas without incident and finally made my way to work. 4 hours late. So much for no interruption to my work day, huh? Thank God I have understanding bosses.
I guess the one plus side to all of this is that it really can’t get any worse, can it? I probably just jinxed myself by saying that and will hit a deer on my way home or something else ridiculous.

Oh well. On a better note, you should totally make this for dinner tonight. It was a perfect summer spaghetti (with spaghetti squash, obviously) that was really light and fresh. All of my ingredients for this one were fresh and local (I even got to use the basil that I grew!) which I think really pumped up the flavors of the dish. I don’t think TJ loved it because it reminded him a bit too much of actual spaghetti, but I don’t care. It was delicious. Plus, you can top it with just about anything. I used grilled chicken, but shrimp or crab meat would have been really good too.

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That’s a huge kale salad on the side with my new favorite, creamy dressing. I’ll share that recipe VERY soon!


1 large spaghetti  squash

3 tbsp. olive oil, butter or ghee. I used ghee.

2 large tomatoes, diced. You can also use canned tomatoes, but many contain added sugar, so watch out! If you go that route, make sure you get just tomatoes. Many come with oregano, garlic, etc. You’re going to add that on your own, so don’t ruin a good thing!

2 tbsp. fresh chopped basil

1 yellow onion, diced

2 gloves garlic, diced

A pinch of crushed red pepper (optional)

Salt and pepper, to taste


Cook spaghetti squash and set aside to cool.

While your spaghetti squash is cooling, add all of your remaining ingredients except for 1 tbsp of the basil (1 tbsp. is for cooking, 1 is for garnish) to a large pan on medium-high heat on the stove. Cook until the onions are nearly translucent, remove from heat and add your spaghetti threads. Stir everything together and top with the remaining tbsp. of fresh basil. Top with protein of choice and enjoy!



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