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There are few things I love as much as coffee. I don’t have an addictive personality, but I actually think I could be borderline addicted to coffee. I drink it every single morning during the work week, and usually on Saturdays as well.

Here’s the funny part: the caffeine has exactly 0 effect on me. None whatsoever. Yet for some reason I need want it every single morning. I have cut it out completely a few times to see if there is any difference, and there really isn’t. I don’t get the 2 o’clock sleepiness, I don’t get the shakes, I don’t get caffeine withdrawal headaches. None of it. So I figured it was perfectly safe to keep having my morning cup of coffee, even if it really does nothing but make me a little happier.

Once upon a time I was a Dunkin Donuts addict. More because it was right next to my old office then because I showed any preference whatsoever to their coffee over any other brand. I would stop almost every day to grab an iced coffee on my way into work. Yes, even in the winter. (Pro tip: because its winter, they usually heavily discount their iced coffees to keep the sales up. It was always a win win for me since I usually only get iced coffee).

Then, I got in my nasty little car accident. I was pretty much completely bed-ridden or wheelchair-ridden for months, and I could forget about driving a car (even though I didn’t have one since it was totaled- I couldn’t have driven anyways.) Watching the money start to add up in my bank account from simply not eating out every day (or multiple times a day..) was kind of embarrassing. I was pretty disgusted with how much money I was spending on shit I really could be making at home for pennies. I’m glad I figured it out though, because I have definitely learned my lesson.

First things first: I am not a coffee snob. I do not insist on drinking the most expensive coffee from the Amazon or wherever those coffee lovers get their coffee from. I’m fine with Maxwell House or Folgers. That being said, if you are a coffee snob, more power to ya. You’re a better (wo)man than I to spend that kind of money on coffee.

So, how do I make my own coffee at home? Well, let me tell you, it took months of experimentation. Like I said, I like iced coffee. It’s one of the most frustrating things on earth to brew a pot of coffee, and then water it down beyond belief because you need so much ice just to make actually cold coffee. So, I did a little research. I started reading about what other coffee lovers do, namely iced coffee lovers. The answer is so simple you might actually get mad for wasting so much time reading this whole post just to get the obvious answer: brew a few pots, put them in a huge pitcher, let it come to room temperature, put it in the fridge, and voila! The next morning you can pour that cold coffee right overtop of your ice, add your milk or whatever you use, and go! I am a fan of a splash of almond milk and 1 Splenda (put down your pitchforks, I know it isn’t paleo). I like my coffee like I like my life: simple.

During my internet stalking of various ways to make coffee, I learned a few other ways to try it. I tried, but never fell in love with bulletproof coffee (which is black coffee with grass fed butter and coconut oil, blended). I think that’s because I am not a hot coffee person. It could also be because I can’t entirely get past the fact that I am putting butter into a drink and drinking it.  I have yet to make cold brew, but that’s one I still plan on trying.



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  1. Cold brewed coffee is the ticket for you. Trader joes and Harris Teeter sell it. We keep some in the house just for iced coffee.

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