Classic Chicken Salad

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This chicken salad is one of my favorite things ever. I guess technically chicken salad in general is one of my favorite things ever since this marks my third post in three months about chicken salad. Remember that time I gave you a recipe for pesto chicken salad? Or the one for curry chicken salad? If not, you should probably go check them out. I make a variation of one of these three chicken salads every week.

This chicken salad is really the base of all of the other chicken salads that I make, and it’s special because it’s a recipe I learned from my mom. If I don’t make it exactly how she always made it I get kind of pissed. It’s honestly that good. Plus it’s pretty easy. Do I say that in every post? I guess I should since that’s kind of the entire premise of this blog; making paleo things a lot easier for you.

Is anyone weird like me and would rather watch some sports live, but could care less when they are on TV? Baseball is totally one of those sports for me. The atmosphere at a baseball stadium is one of my favorites, but I couldn’t care less about watching it if its on TV. Football I will take either on TV or in person, but there are very few sports that I can say that for.

This weekend we went to a Nationals game and it was the first time I have ever been to Nationals Park. I’ve been to many Orioles games, but this was my first time making the trek to DC for a game. Huge shout out to my friend Casey for the tickets. Our seats were awesome, the weather was perfect and the Nats won, which is a nice plus. I also got to see one of my oldest friends, Chrissy, for the first time in months which really made my day. All in all it was an awesome weekend for me.

photo 1 (22)

TJ playing cornhole in the Fairgrounds just outside of the stadium

photo 2 (18)

Our seats for the afternoon, with absolutely no one around us

photo 3 (15)

And my favorite part of the game, the presidents race. I think Abe Lincoln won this time.


2 lbs chicken

1 cup chicken stock (if you are boiling or cooking in a Crock Pot)

Water (if you are boiling or cooking in a Crock Pot)

1/2 yellow onion, diced

3 stalks of celery, diced

1/4 cup paleo mayo. Planks, Love and Guacamole has a great recipe for homemade paleo mayo. Paleomg also has a great recipe for paleo mayo in this recipe. PS that buffalo chicken pasta recipe is amazing. I made it for TJs birthday last week and I want to make it every day.

Salt and Pepper to taste


Cook your chicken. You can really cook this however the heck you want to. Personally, I think shredded chicken is the bee’s knees, and therefore I make mine in a Crock Pot. I can’t seem to get the shredding down quite the same when I boil it, but it is possible.

For the Crock Pot: Put your chicken, water (about 1 cup) and chicken stock in the Croc Pot and cook it on high for about 4 hours. My particular Crock Pot is on steroids, so it tends to cook stuff really fast. Just check your chicken periodically and see if it will easily shred with a fork.

To boil: Put your chicken and chicken stock in a pot and cover the chicken with water. Boil for about 25 minutes or until the chicken can be easily shredded with a fork.

You can also bake your chicken. This won’t give you the shredded chicken that I so adore, but to each their own!

While your chicken is cooking, dice up your veggies.

Once the chicken is done, take it out, shred it or chop it and put it into a large bowl. Immediately add your mayo, chopped vegetables and salt and pepper. Yes- do this while the chicken is still hot. It helps everything mix together really well.

Refrigerate for about an hour and enjoy! My absolute favorite way to eat this chicken salad is on top of a sliced tomato or on top of tomato salad, which is what you see in the first picture.



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