Classic Chicken Salad

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This chicken salad is one of my favorite things ever. I guess technically chicken salad in general is one of my favorite things ever since this marks my third post in three months about chicken salad. Remember that time I gave you a recipe for pesto chicken salad? Or the one for curry chicken salad? If not, you should probably go check them out. I make a variation of one of these three chicken salads every week. Continue reading


Thai Coconut Curry Chicken

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Happy day after Earth Day! I don’t really celebrate Earth Day (and by not really I mean not at all), but just in case you do, I figured I would throw it out there. Earth Day is sandwiched by Easter and TJ’s birthday, so this is a busy week for me. Continue reading

5 Ingredient Chia Seed Vanilla Pudding

Holy crap, I’m finally doing it. I’m posting a dessert recipe. Don’t get too excited, this is really not all that great. BUT, it is really easy to make. The only thing is- you kind of have to like tapioca pudding (the texture) in order to like it.

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Sorry there are no better pictures of the actual pudding. I took about 45, in every different light possible, but it just didn’t show up right.   Continue reading

Lamb Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce, Cucumber Salad and Yucca Fries (NOT Strict Paleo)

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Longest title ever. But it was necessary to include all of the deliciousness, as well as make sure you know upfront that this isn’t strict paleo. You can make it strict paleo by cutting out the cucumber salad and tzatziki if you want.

I also made an arugula and spinach salad for the burger to rest on, but I thought that putting that in the title would actually scare people away. Continue reading

Spaghetti Pizza Casserole

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I was so excited this weekend that it was finally getting warmer here in Maryland. And then I woke up today to cold and rain. I think this is without a doubt the longest winter we’ve had here. At least that I can remember.

Saturday I woke up at 8 am (a huge feat for me when I had had a few drinks the night before) so that I could go to the first day of the Farmers Market here. It was a little chilly out, and I was slightly hungover, but I was still so excited. Since it was the first day and it is really early in the season, there wasn’t a whole lot to chose from. There were LOTS of herbs, some really delicious caramels that I had to sample, and a lot of artisanal stuff. I wasn’t really into the blown glass and wax figures. I was there for the vegetables and meat. The vegetables were a pretty big let down, but I did score a pound of local lamb (for a recipe I’m trying tonight) and a pound of local pork sausage. I’m so excited for the farmers markets to come back. Getting local stuff isn’t super easy here, so when I have the opportunity I jump at it. Plus it gives me something to do during the day on weekends.

photo 1 (15) Continue reading