St. Paddy’s Day and Maryland Blue Crabs

Hello there! I know you probably thought that I completely abandoned my blog and gave up on cooking, but you were wrong. I was on a little mini-vacation for my second favorite holiday: St. Patrick’s Day. I went down to Ocean City, MD for four days with a group of friends. We have done this trip for 3 years now and I absolutely love it. However, I have to admit: my body is screaming “you are not 23 anymore!”

I hurt. I hurt all weekend actually. I was hungover every single day, no matter how much I drank the day before (though I will admit it was always quite a lot). I spent all of yesterday on the drive back trying not to get miserably sick in someone else’s car, and proceeded to spend the entire rest of the afternoon on our couch recovering. It may be time to hang up my partying shoes. At the very least, it is time to hang up my partying for 4 days straight shoes. I just can’t do it anymore.

I didn’t take tons of pictures of my food on my vacation, mainly because I didn’t eat super well. I brought snacks (chicken salad, no sodium lunch meat, lettuce for wraps, avocados, bacon, and cheese) so we were actually able to eat decently and not spend money on every meal. The one meal that we did have that I took a picture of and have no embarrassment talking about was our seafood feast. On St. Paddy’s Day. While it was snowing. Not how I have ever spent a St. Paddy’s before, but I’m not complaining. However, in my drunken stupor I think that I deleted the one and only food photo that I have from this weekend. Sorry.

What did we eat during that feast? Crabs. Large Maryland crabs. And shrimp. Clams. Wings (random). And I got a cup of mixed cream of crab and Maryland crab soup. So delicious, but I paid for that cream of crab later. My stomach doesn’t handle that kind of food too well anymore. Lesson learned.

One of the biggest perks of living in Maryland and having grown up in a coastal town like Annapolis is the seafood. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up eating a ton of fish because my dad never really liked it. But what I did eat a lot shellfish. Especially crabs. Maryland is famous for our blue crabs. They are actually blue when alive, but red when cooked. I have traveled quite a bit in my 26 years and a lot of places claim to have “Maryland Crab Cakes” or something cooked with Maryland crab. I have never eaten anywhere on earth that had seafood even remotely similar to what you get in Annapolis (and sometimes Baltimore).

Growing up, we went crabbing at least once a week during the summer. It is an activity that I still enjoy today. You get tan, and you eat delicious crabs essentially for free. All you need are some chicken necks, a net and some string.

As I have gotten older I have finally begun to appreciate other foods from the sea: like mussels, clams (not my favorite), shrimp (made Baltimore-style) and finally I am starting to tolerate fish. What I can’t and probably won’t ever be able to get on board with is oysters. I had some that I loved once while in Melbourne, Australia, but that was the first and last time.

Once summer rolls around I will probably do a post on my favorite Maryland seafood with recipes. In case you were wondering: yes, seafood is paleo. Once not too long ago, Juli from Paleomg posted a picture on her Instagram of a lobster she was about to cook. People went bat shit crazy about this lobster. To the point where I think she actually deleted the picture. What the hell? People are fine with pictures of raw and/or cooked meat, but not seafood? Do you not know how your meat gets to your local grocery store? People are nuts.

People want to go all crazy on my pictures? I have one for you:photo (14)For the record, I took maybe two sips of this beer and spilled it all over myself. But the picture is hilarious.



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