Bacon Butternut Squash Soup

Yesterday the weather here was 68 and sunny. Then it got windy. Then it got a little rainy. Then the sun came back out. Then the winds and rain really came, and our power went out for the first time. While I was in the middle of cooking dinner. I’m talking pork loin raw in the oven, frozen butternut squash soup sitting on the stove. Everything in our house is electric, including the stove. That means panic basically set in for me. What will we eat for dinner? How will I make TJ’s lunch for tomorrow? And then I began kicking myself for talking so much shit about meal prep, because it would have been really handy in this situation.

Just as I sat down to order food from a restaurant up the street, the power came back on. After I had put away all of the food in the dark. Thanks Mother Nature, you’re a real bitch. Side note: my friends called me Mother Nature for a while because I was obsessed with growing wheatgrass and tomatoes and strawberries at my old apartment on our little 5×16 second story balcony. Now that we have a house and a yard, I plan on resurrecting my Mother Nature title. TJ won’t let me get goats or chickens or pigs for some odd reason, so I’m going to have to stick with growing veggies.

Moral of the story: I have no pictures from last night. By the time I got everything back out of the fridge and cooked it all, I had no interest in plating everything and taking pictures. I was starving and I just wanted to eat so badly that I actually ate the food as it was done. Soup, then pork, then collard greens.

Butternut squash is one of those super easy dishes that can be made about 35,000 different ways. One of my favorite’s is roasting it, but I already gave you that recipe. The soup is an AWESOME thing to make and freeze, especially since the weather is warming up and you will probably start to see a lot less of them in stores now. You lose some of the nutrients by freezing, but it is better than nothing.

Today it is 23 degrees outside. What in the hell?

1 butternut squash, peeled and diced. Honestly, I cheat here. Peeling butternut squash is a bitch and I hate doing it. My local grocery stores always have the already peeled and diced pieces for sale so I just buy that.

5-6 slices of bacon. You should already know my thoughts on bacon. I like the real thing. I don’t want processed turkey bacon that is chopped up, given additives and reconfigured to look like bacon. Plus real bacon tastes like 400x  better. That’s a win win in my book.

1 cup of chicken broth

2 cloves of garlic, minced



Crushed Red Pepper


Put your diced butternut squash and minced garlic into 1 cup of water and 1 cup in a pan on the stove and put on medium to high heat.

While your squash is heating up, cook your bacon. How you cook it is up to you really. I usually put mine in the oven at 350 and cook until it is crispy, then flip it so both sides are equally crispy. Once your bacon is cooked, remove it from the oven and place onto a paper towel to drain the excess fat. Once it has cooled, break it up into pieces so you don’t choke on it when eating your soup.

Let your butternut squash boil for about 5-10 minutes, until it is soft. Add your other seasonings (I didn’t include measurements because I used just a shake of each one) and blend everything. Do not drain the water/broth! You will lose nutrients and flavor if you do that. You can blend either using an immersion blender or a regular blender. I love my immersion blender that my grandmother got me in college and I use it whenever I make soup. You can get a decent one on Amazon for like $15 bucks and they are a lifesaver.

Once your soup is blended, add your bacon and enjoy!

You can add really any meat (leftover chicken is a personal favorite) to this to make it a more well-rounded meal, but bacon makes it a not too filling side dish.




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