Bacon Jalapeno Chicken Burgers

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So, I had every intention of posting this recipe on Friday. As usual, life got in the way. I had product launches to attend for work all day Friday. That ended with me and a few co-workers going to another bar that one of my co-workers is a rep for. Before 5 pm. Luckily I had to drive home, so I took it way easy. Some of my co-workers were not so lucky. And then I went out to dinner with my boyfriends family, and by the time we got home there was nothing I wanted more than my bed.

And then yesterday my brother and his wife were in town to get some stuff for their new house. And then we went to dinner at my grandmothers house. It was a blast for my family, but I always wonder how many more of these dinners TJ, my brothers wife and my sisters boyfriend will endure before they throw in the towel. I have an awesomely large, very loud family. I guess my brother wife is kind of in for the long haul because of that whole marriage thing, but my sister and I are still silently holding our breaths.

So anyways, this post got pushed back because I was busy having a fun weekend. I hope you don’t mind because you were busy having a life too and couldn’t care less about a silly (but really good) recipe being posted on a Friday night. You don’t mind right? Good. Glad we cleared that up.

I made these burgers on Thursday night basically because I looked in the fridge and saw: ground chicken, bacon (I always have bacon), some jalapenos that were probably closer to being rotten than they were fresh, and iceberg lettuce that I had simply because I got a free head of it the last time I was at Shop Rite. Thanks coupons! I think Thursday was also the day that PaleOMG posted a recipe for bacon jalapeno egg salad sandwiches and honestly, when you’re putting bacon and jalapeno in anything is it really going to be bad? No. It isn’t.

Does anyone follow PaleOMG on Instagram? That girl gets shit on for some of the things she posts and it really makes me mad. If you don’t like that she uses bacon or chocolate or pancakes, why the hell are you following her? I can’t wait for the day that I start getting hate. I don’t really handle negativity very well. Plus I’m a pretty big proponent of the fact that this is my blog and I run my paleoforbeginners Instagram (you should be following me already!) and I will eat and post whatever the hell I want to. Plus, I’m pretty upfront about what I don’t consider to be paleo but still eat because it doesn’t seem to upset my body. If anyone else has a problem with that, I will be more than happy to tell them where to go.

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Yes, that’s cheese on my burger. Regular old cheddar cheese. No, it isn’t paleo. Yes, I eat it whenever I want to (plus bacon, jalapeno AND cheddar?! Yes please.)

I wore flip flops today. It isn’t really warm enough for flip flops, but I did it anyways. I love getting all four seasons here in Maryland and I really, really try to enjoy each one, but I’m so done with the cold. I want spring. I want dresses and flip flops and warm weather and cookouts and weekends at the beach.


1 LB of ground chicken (or pork or beef)

3 strips of bacon

1 head of iceberg lettuce

1 jalapeno , diced

1/4 cup diced onion

1/2 tomato, sliced

1/4 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Pepper

1/4 tsp Garlic Powder


Preheat your oven to 350 and put your bacon strips in to cook. I usually cook them on a cookie sheet on parchment paper and flip them once they start to brown so both sides cook evenly. Cook it however you want. After about 10 minutes take it out and set it aside to cool. Leave your oven on.

Put your ground meat into a bowl and top it with your spices. You can add really anything else you want, spice wise. That’s all I happened to use on Thursday so it’s all I’m including here. You can use onion powder to dried minced onion if you don’t happen to have onion on hand. Add your diced jalapeno. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty. Mix up everything with your (clean) hands really well. You can add an egg to the mixture if you’re worried about the meat falling apart, but I didn’t have any issues. Then, just make about 4-5 burger sized patties and put them on another cookie sheet and put them in the oven for 20-25 minutes. I always cut one open to make sure there is no pink left in the center. Can you cook these on the stovetop or on a grill (HELLO warmer weather)? Absolutely. Do what you want!

While your burgers are cooking, slice your tomato and peel a few layers off of your head of lettuce. I also cut the bacon in half since half covered the burgers perfectly.

Once your burgers are done, let them cool a little bit, then top them with your bacon and tomato and wrap them in the lettuce.

I served these with a side of my garlic fries and Tessemae’s ketchup. I’m still working on liking their ketchup. Don’t hate me for not immediately loving it, I’m was never a ketchup fan in the first place. I’m working on it.


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