Thrown Together with Leftovers Breakfast

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Confession: I am not a breakfast person. Unless it involves bacon. Or hash browns. But hash browns aren’t paleo (when using white potatoes), so I don’t get to eat them too often.

Confession 2: I am not a huge fan of eggs. I have no idea why. I used to like them, but the love has faded over the years. I will eat a hard boiled egg here or there, and if I put enough hot sauce on them I can usually stomach scrambled eggs. One type of egg that I do happen to love is quiche. It’s probably the French in me. Luckily, I have found, modified and perfected a paleo recipe for quiche, which I will be posting soon.

I have never really loved eating first thing in the morning. I know, I know that’s like a huge sin when it comes to healthy eating for about 6,000 reasons. That doesn’t change the fact that even attempting to eat yogurt (no yogurt is not paleo) first thing in the morning makes me gag. However, I happen to live with someone who is hungry from basically the second he wakes up until the minute we go to bed. I’m not kidding. Last night we got up from watching TV to head to bed, and he walked right into the kitchen and got himself a glass of milk and a huge spoonful or two of peanut butter. So although I usually don’t like eating first thing in the morning, breakfast must be made! And since I am not usually eating (although I won’t lie, sometimes I make dinner foods for breakfast just to eat something and it totally grosses TJ out) I don’t tend to want to put a whole lot of effort into it. Hence, it is usually some form of scrambled eggs with some veggies and a leftover meat or bacon thrown in. Thank God TJ is the least picky eater ever.


4 Eggs. Or more. Or less. Depends who/how many you are cooking for.

1 TSP of Butter or Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Whatever you prefer to grease your pan. Sometimes, I don’t use anything. Thank God for non-stick pans.

1 Cup Spinach.

1/2 Yellow or White Onion.

1 Clove of Garlic, Minced.

1/2 Jalapeno, Diced.

1/2 Tomato, Diced.

Salt and Pepper to Taste.

Meat. Any kind will really do. I happened to have some leftover spicy ground turkey from a recipe that I had made earlier in the week, so that’s what ended up in the eggs this time.

At this point, take a look in your fridge and see what veggies you have that you like or that are about to go bad and need to be eaten and throw those in there too.


Not much to it here. Sticking with what I am realizing is an overall theme of “I am lazy,” I don’t even pre-mix my eggs. I just grease (or not) my pan, throw everything but the eggs in, crack the eggs on top and mix it around until its cooked. When using onions I will usually throw those in first to let them soften up a bit, and I typically add spinach toward the end since it tends to cook so quickly.


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